• Summer 2024: Commercial entry into service of the new trains in Southwestern Ontario

  • End of 2024: 63% of new trains in service in the Corridor

  • Summer 2025: Complete replacement of all the trains in the Corridor

London, June 27, 2024 – VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) today highlighted the arrival of its new fleet in Southwestern Ontario (between London and Windsor) in the presence of more than fifty partners and stakeholders. The achievement of this major modernization milestone means that by the summer of 2024, the entire Québec City-Windsor corridor will be served by state-of-the-art, modern, accessible and environmentally friendly trains. The new trains will progressively replace the old fleet starting this summer, completely transforming the quality of service on VIA Rail trains for the coming decades.

“Our teams have been focused on modernizing our operations in the most densely populated region in the country,” said Mario Péloquin, VIA Rail’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With this important milestone, we are thrilled that Canadians throughout the entire Québec City-Windsor corridor will be able to enjoy an unparalleled and fully accessible travel experience. Our full roster of 32 new trains will be in service by the summer of 2025, which will mark the completion of this game-changing project for passenger rail in the Corridor.”

Customers can visit our website to learn about the routes served by our new trains and all their features including redesigned ergonomic seats, large adjustable tray tables, braille and raised display, and large and fully accessible washrooms.

The arrival of these new, modern trains is also a great opportunity for businesses to integrate this mode of transport into their corporate practices for employee travel. It’s a simple and easy policy to put in place that can have a major impact on an organization’s environmental footprint. With improved ergonomics, greater stability, greater brightness and better connectivity, the train offers a high level of productivity on the move, as well as being the best choice for the environment.

“Since the spring, I have begun a tour of the country to present VIA Rail’s new strategic plan, VIAction 2030. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness among major decision makers. Their internal policies have a real impact, and encouraging their employees to take the train for business travel sends a strong signal that they are making a sustainable and responsible choice for future generations,” concludes Mario Péloquin.

The media kit is available here (pictures of both events will be added after they are held).

Quotes from our partners

“VIA Rail provides essential connections between our communities here in Southwestern Ontario. That’s why the federal government is investing in the future of VIA Rail, with new train cars that are more accessible, more comfortable, and more reliable for Canadians and tourists.”

Vance Badaway, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport

“London has a strong connection to VIA Rail. Our residents have been consistently advocating to me for robust regional connectivity that includes dependable and modern service. From significant improvements in our local VIA station, to the resumption of routes and commitment to reliable frequency, to the new state-of-the-art trains coming into service, the future is bright for local rail travel.”

Peter Fragiskatos, Member of Parliament for London North Centre, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities

“VIA Rail's new expansion in Southwestern Ontario marks a pivotal development for regional connectivity and travel efficiency. The introduction of modern, fully accessible, state-of-the-art trains promises to enhance transportation options and comfort for the residents Windsor and visitors alike. This investment underscores VIA Rail's commitment to our community, aligning with the region's growing economic needs and demands. As a frequent user myself, I want to thank VIA Rail for bringing their new modernized fleet to Windsor.”

Irek Kusmierczyk, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages and MP for Windsor –Tec*mseh

“I am thrilled to welcome VIA’s new Venture passenger train service to London. These state-of-the-art passenger trains will bring added comfort and reliability to the thousands of Londoners that depend on this safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible form of travel. Congratulations on this accomplishment and best wishes for every success during your roll out of the new fleet.”

Josh Morgan, Mayor of London

“The City of Windsor has been identified as one of the fastest growing and most important communities to watch in Ontario and Canada. We are facing the evolving needs, opportunities and challenges that go hand in hand with incredible economic growth, creation of new jobs, and a rapidly growing population. As an international gateway between Canada and the United States, our community is a popular ‘Two-Nation Destination’ that draws many visitors to the area to experience some of what makes the Windsor-Essex region remarkable. VIA Rail is a long-time and valued community partner, and we appreciate their continuous work to help residents, visitors, and business community stakeholders get to and from Windsor in a fast, efficient, and comfortable way. The announcement of the arrival of this modern, fully accessible, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly fleet of trains will have a big impact on our region and represents a significant cross-sectoral step forward for our economy. We thank VIA Rail for this investment, for being a strong partner, and for connecting folks to our community, as we continue Building Windsor’s Future.”

Drew Dilkens, Mayor of Windsor

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