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Train Marseille - Vias | Find the Cheapest Trains - Busbud (1)

Train Marseille to Vias: Trip Overview

Average ticket priceUS$44

Average train trip duration2h 38m

Number of daily trains10

Earliest train departure07:23

Distance97 miles

Latest train departure18:25

Marseille to Vias Trains

Busbud shows you the best train ticket fares and train schedules so you can plan and book a trip by train easily from Marseille to Vias.

We make it our job to connect you with the most dependable companies that offer train services from Marseille to Vias.

Discover how much the train trip from Marseille to Vias will cost you. Use our filters and sorting features to find the cheapest train tickets or high-end trains.

Train Marseille - Vias | Find the Cheapest Trains - Busbud (2)

Frequently asked questions on the trip Marseille - Vias

How much does a cheap train ticket from Marseille to Vias cost?

The average train ticket price from Marseille to Vias is US$44. The best way to find cheap train tickets from Marseille to Vias is to book your tickets as early as possible. Prices tend to rise as your travel date approaches, so book in advance to secure the best prices!

How long is the train trip from Marseille to Vias?

A train trip between Marseille and Vias is around 2h 38m, although the fastest train will take about 2h 22m. This is the time it takes to travel the 99 miles that separates the two cities.

How many daily train are there between Marseille and Vias?

The number of trains from Marseille to Vias can differ depending on the day of the week. On average, there are 10. Some trains are direct while others include transferring trains. Simplify your train trip from Marseille to Vias by comparing and selecting the train that fits your travel style and budget on Busbud.

About Train Travel

Train Travel Tips

Do you like to go fast? With high-speed trains going faster than 300 km/h on certain routes, the time will fly by. Taking a train between Marseille and Vias is also a great way to travel to arrive in the city centre and save more time for your stay in Vias.

Whether you take a regional or high-speed train to Vias, you’ll help reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your trip. As you watch the landscapes unfold before your eyes, you can tell yourself that with this choice, you are making sure they remain protected.

With up to 30x less CO2 emissions for your train journey between Marseille and Vias, the train is an ecological alternative to flights or personal cars.

Tune out to the fine sounds of your best music playlist on your train trip from Marseille to Vias while indulging in miles on end of beautiful scenic views.

Did you know?

Some trains in Sweden can recover more than a fifth of the energy they use by braking. This is especially true with ore trains as they descend from Narvik to Kiruna.

One of the deepest train stations in the world is in Kiev. Located at a depth of 105m, it was designed in this way to serve as a shelter in the event of an attack. The second deepest station is in China. Badaling station is located 60m under the Great Wall of China!

The magnetic levitation train (Maglev for short) is currently the fastest train in the world. With a speed of 603 km/ h, it is closely followed by the French high-speed train (574.8 km / h) which remains in 2020, the fastest train to date

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Train Marseille - Vias | Find the Cheapest Trains - Busbud (9)

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Train Marseille - Vias | Find the Cheapest Trains - Busbud (2024)
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