Utility Trailers For Sale Near Me Craigslist (2024)

1. los angeles trailers - by owner - craigslist

  • Trailers - By Owner for sale in Los Angeles. see also. 8x16 Enclosed Trailer ... 1971 Millerbilt utility trailer 5ft by 10 ft. $2,850. Canoga Park · 5 X 8 ...

  • los angeles trailers - by owner - craigslist

2. los angeles trailers - craigslist

3. Trailers for sale in Los Angeles, California | Facebook Marketplace

  • New and used Trailers for sale in Los Angeles, California on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals and sell your items for free.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

4. Why I should stop browsing Craigslist: 2003 Sea-Doo GTX Supercharged

5. Utility Trailers at Lowes.com

  • Carry-On Trailer Utility Trailers · 6 Foot Wide Utility Trailers · Notify Me · Shop Stirling

  • Find utility trailers at Lowe's today. Shop utility trailers and a variety of automotive products online at Lowes.com.

6. Anyone trailed two bikes using an Uhaul trailer? | Two Wheeled Texans

  • ... trailer & a utility trailer listed on Austin Craigslist that would work. austin.craigslist.org. 3 Rail Dirt Bike Trailer for Sale - trailers - by owner - ...

  • For the upcoming Around the Bend I was looking at how to trailer my gf’s and my bike to the event. Quick google online I found out people have used the 5 x 9 utility trailer from Uhaul to trailer two bikes. I went out to look at them and it “looks” like the 5 x 9 might do the trick but without a...

7. Trailers for Sale in Los Angeles | Norco Trailers

  • Shop for new and used utility, dump, and enclosed trailers at our Inland Empire location conveniently located just outside of Los Angeles.

8. Marketplace/Craigslist Frustrations - Oppositelock

  • @newjoekaz That's a TravLite, made by Continental Industries in Michigan, they're very high quality - one for sale fairly close to me for $1400. Was ...

  • So, as some of you know, I have been attempting to purchase a small travel trailer for several months now. I have to meet a couple criteria - my city requires it be either stored indoors or be completely screened from all neighboring properties if parked ...

Utility Trailers For Sale Near Me Craigslist (2024)


What is the most popular utility trailer size? ›

The 6×12, 7×14, and 7×16 utility trailers we have in-stock are indeed the most popular utility trailers of all time. But that truly means nothing unless you get a trailer that's going to provide you many years of useful life.

What are the best made utility trailers? ›

So what are the best utility trailer brands? The best utility trailers are Sure-Trac, FLOE, and Sport Haven. They are made from aluminum, steel, wood, and even polymer. You'll find single and tandem axles, some with no sides, and all the way up to 24" sides.

How long should a utility trailer last? ›

Utility trailers are typically used for hauling equipment, tools, and other materials. These trailers range in size from small, single-axle models to larger, tandem-axle models. With proper maintenance, a utility trailer can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Is it cheaper to buy or make a trailer? ›

Even with the high cost of materials though, many find that building a trailer is cheaper overall—at least when we're talking only in dollar amounts. The other costs come in when you consider tools and time.

How much can a 4x8 trailer fit? ›

With cargo capacity totaling 142 cubic feet, household items such as loveseats, kitchen furniture and children's beds fit seamlessly into our 4x8 cargo trailers. Enclosed trailer rentals are popular for both personal moves and businesses in many ways.

What size trailer is best for side by side? ›

If you have a UTV that measures 120 inches (10 ft), we typically would recommend going to up in trailer length by 2 ft to a 14 ft trailer. This gives you room for a cooler, gas can, and other gear you might need on your trip. For hauling multiple UTVs a tandem axle trailer in 20 or 22 ft are popular choices.

Are aluminum utility trailers worth the money? ›

On the other hand, with aluminum, a quick acid bath will generally help keep it looking as good as new. For that reason, aluminum trailers typically have a higher resale value than steel and may be the more cost-effective purchase in the long run.

How do I buy a good trailer? ›

Some of the main factors you'll need to consider when you look for your next trailer include its construction material, braking system, tyres, size, and type.

How often should you grease a utility trailer? ›

Greasing Regularity

Most trailers need greasing every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. A single axle utility trailer may need less frequent greasing than a large K-trailer. On the other hand, boat trailers with small wheels may need more regular greasing. In some cases, they may need greasing every 2,000 miles.

What are the benefits of owning a utility trailer? ›

Hauling Heavy Loads with Ease:

One of the primary benefits of owning a utility trailer is its exceptional capacity to haul heavy loads. Whether you need to transport furniture, construction materials, or gardening supplies, a utility trailer can handle it all.

What is the difference between a utility trailer and a regular trailer? ›

Also, utility trailers are easier to load and are more lightweight than cargo trailers. As they take up less room, you can store your model in a compact space when it's not in use. These factors make owning and using a utility trailer more efficient and hassle-free.

Why are trailer prices so high? ›

Affordability — unit inflation and higher financing rates — remains the single largest impediment to consumer demand,” its analyst Michael Swartz told clients this week. However, if the industry's production discipline continues, very limited inventories may prevent prices falling as much as RV fans might hope.

How much do most trailers cost? ›

How Much Does a Travel Trailer Cost?
Entry-Level Travel Trailer:$12,000 – $40,000
Mid-Range Travel Trailer:$25,000 – $60,000
Luxury Travel Trailer:$50,000 – $80,000
Jan 18, 2024

What type of trailer makes the most money? ›

Flatbed Trailer
  • Flatbed drivers earn more per mile than most other trailer types, which helps driver turnover.
  • There are many opportunities for pick-up and delivery each week.
  • Flatbed drivers don't need to back into docks and unload the freight.

What is the standard size for most trailers? ›

Standard enclosed trailers are 5', 6', 7', or 8.5'. Their lengths range from 8' to 28', with options like 10', 12', 14', 16', 20', and 24' commonly available. For example, you might find enclosed trailers described as 6' x 12', meaning the trailer is 6 feet wide and 12 feet long.

What are common size trailers? ›

Common Trailer Sizes and Their Recommended Uses

There are multiple trailer sizes available, each with its own advantages. Some common sizes we carry include 5'x10', 6'x12', 7'x18', and 8'6”x28'' trailers. A 5'x10' trailer is ideal for small loads such as landscaping equipment and some furniture.

What is a common travel trailer size? ›

An average size travel trailer would be about 20 to 28 feet in length. This trailer would typically come with some pretty standard amenities you need on your journey.

What is the most popular type of trailer? ›

Flatbed trailers are the most common type of trailers used for transporting cargo that does not require any special handling or protection from the elements. The flatbed trailer is popular for hauling cargo such as furniture and appliances.

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